Or, more to the point, should it be?

The WaPo today has more sordid details of South Carolina governor Mark Sanford’s affair. Sanford, a fiscal conservative Republican, was one of the few Republicans that still caught my attention after the disastrous Republican National Convention last year.


Mark Sanford

During his painful-to-watch press conference last week, Sanford admitted that he had been meeting his mistress in Argentina during the days where he was AWOL from South Carolina. He definitely sounded like a man in love with “the other woman.” At least we were spared the presence of Mrs. Sanford standing by her man, as Mrs. Spitzer and Mrs. McGreevey had.

Today’s article caught my attention (emphasis added),

South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford declared his Argentine mistress his soul mate Tuesday but said he is committed to reconciling with his wife in hopes of saving his family and what is left of his political career.

If he sincerely believes that he can reconcile with his wife and save his family, fine.

However, if he’s reconciling to save “what’s left of his political career,” it would be best if he didn’t. His family would be the worse for it.