Tomorrow, June 30, is the deadline for American troops to pull out of Iraqi towns and cities.

The pull out has already been gradually taking place over the past few months. Since Barack Obama became President, Americans have shut down more than 150 bases in Iraq. The Obama administration has stated that the Iraqi government has sufficient control for the hand over to take place.

However, more than 200 Iraqi civilians have died this week in multiple terrorist attacks across Iraq, belying Obama’s claims that the country is secure enough for U.S. withdrawal. As reported here, Iraqis are quite concerned about the recent upsurge in terrorist violence.

CNN is also reporting that many Iraqi citizens fear that Iraq will fall under the hands of extremists once American troops leave for good.

As reported here, Dick Cheney has expressed fear that the withdrawal will lead to the fall of the Iraqi government. Cheney believes that withdrawal may mean a complete waste of the sacrifice that U.S. troops have made to date. If Iraq fails to uphold a democracy after U.S. withdrawal, many will wonder if we pulled out too soon.

There really is no way of knowing what the American pull out of Iraqi towns and cities will mean until time has passed. Meanwhile, this deadline gets little attention with Michael Jackson and Iran dominating the news. However, mark June 30, 2009 on your calendars as a date that will be studied in History classes in the future. It will either be a date that is honored or villified in the future.