The funeral for Billy Mays will be held Friday in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania – the Pittsburgh suburb where he was born and raised. Read more below, see photo and a video.

Billy Mays

Billy Mays

Billy Mays’ funeral Mass will be 9:30 a.m. Friday at St. Mary Church in McKees Rocks. The very loud product pitchman apparently died in his sleep in his home on Sunday. A medical examiner says he likely died from a heart attack, though tests results to confirm that are still pending.

At first there was a lot of speculation that he suffered some sort of head trama (similar to actress Natasha Richardson’s fatal bump) when luggage from a hard landing of a US Airways flight he was on the day before occured. However, that seems to have been excluded for an apparent massive heart attack.

Additional tests — including a toxicology report — were conducted but will not be released for about eight to 10 weeks. Billy Mays was on the prescription painkillers for hip pain. He was to have hip replacement surgery this week but there’s no evidence that his death is drug related in any way.

He was well thought of in both business and in life. So, it is anticipated that many childhood friends and business associates will attend Billy May’s funeral services this Friday in his hometown of McKees Rock, Pennsylvania.

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