Xiomara Castro de Zelaya is the First Lady of Honduras. Her husband is President Manuel Zelaya who was ousted in a military coup because of his leftist greed to stay in office for yet another term. You can read her biography below, see photos and a video.

Xiomara Castro

Xiomara Castro is President Manuel Zelaya’s Wife

The military coup in Honduras has resulted in the power-hungry leftist President Manuel Zelaya and his wife Xiomara Castro exiled to neighboring Costa Rica for their safety.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has this to say about the situation:

“The action taken against Honduran President Manuel Zelaya violates the precepts of the Inter-American Democratic Charter and thus should be condemned by all. We call on all parties in Honduras to respect the constitutional order and the rule of law, to reaffirm their democratic vocation and to commit themselves to resolve political disputes peacefully and through dialogue.”

And President Obama? Well, it seems he is “concerned” as usual.

Xiomara Castro de Zelaya Biography

Xiomara Castro de Zelaya has been the First Lady of Honduras since January 2006 as the wife of President Manuel Zelaya. She was born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras on September 30, 1959 to Olga Doris Sarmiento Montoya and Irene Castro Reyes.

In January 1976, she married Manuel Zelaya. They’re home is in Catacamas, Olancho, where their four children were born: Zoe, Héctor Manuel, Xiomara Hortensia and Jose Manuel.

Xiomara Castro actively participates in the “Association of Spouses of Members of the Rotary Club of Catacamas”, which is an organization founded by her husband, as well as the activities developed within the Group to take care of the children in need throughout the country.

Also, she participated in the creation of the “Centro de Cuidado Diurno para Niños en Catacamas”, with the purpose of offering assistance to single-parent families led by women.

Xiomara Castro, the wife of President Manuel Zelaya, has a degree in Accounting and Business Administration.

More photos and a video from ‘Xiomara Castro is Manuel Zelaya Wife’ are below.

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Xiomara Castro de Zelaya Photos

Xiomara Castro de Zelaya Video
“President Manuel Zelaya of Honduras has arrived in Costa Rica after being detained”