The Reverend Jesse Jackson says that Michael Jackson’s family wants a 2nd autopsy on the singer after the first revealed no official cause of death; toxicology reports are pending. Jesse Jackson met with Michael Jackson’s family yesterday.

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The Los Angeles County Coroner’s office performed an autopsy on Jackson on Friday but failed to determine what killed him. Michael Jackson died Friday of an apparent cardiac arrest; since then rumors and accusations have surfaced concerning Jackson’s use of prescription drugs.

At the center of the controversy is Dr. Conrad Robert Murray, Michael Jackson’s personal physician who was with him at the time of his death. Dr. Murray reportedly gave Michael Jackson a shot of Demerol and possibly OxyContin; Jackson’s family believes he was injected with the drugs hours before he died.

Michael Jackson had just went through what some say was a grueling rehearsal and that he would have possibly been looking for treatment for pain.

Jesse Jackson, Michael Jackson’s friend as well as the family’s, says that they want questions answered by Dr. Murray. Jesse Jackson said:

“The family have questions for the doctor. What did he inject him with and did he inject him once or twice? Did he panic and flee?

“His absence at this time has given them substantial reason to be suspicious of him, because he is not around to answer their questions. I think they should and will proceed with a second autopsy as soon as possible.”

Family spokesman and a former lawyer said that he expects to find that Michael Jackson had been taking a lot of prescription drugs. He had kicked the habit once, but it is possible that Jackson had started taking drugs again.

A spokesman for Dr. Murray says that he has been cooperating with authorities from the outset; the perception that he was hiding is not true.

Possibly to the credit of Jesse Jackson, Michael Jackson’s body was released to his family on Friday, and is undergoing the 2nd private autopsy according to TMZ.

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