UPDATE: 6/28/2009 At Bottom

Freedom hating governments all over the world are doing their level best to destroy what little since of democracy they have. First the uprising in Iran; and now Manuel Zelaya, president of Honduras, is trying to hold a referendum to change the country’s constitution so that he can remain in power.


Manuel Zelaya of Honduras

It should be no surprise that Manuel Zelaya is being backed by Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez; both having a strangle hold on their respective countries for years. The Honduras Supreme Court has declared Manuel Zelaya’s referendum illegal, but what does that matter when you’re a dictator hell bent on remaining in power?

On Friday, Zelaya led thousands of supporters to the airport in Tegucigalpa, Honduras to seize referendum ballots before they could be destroyed on court order. Currently under the country’s constitution, Manuel Zelaya is barred from seeking re-election when his term is over in January. He is trying to change that, just as Chavez did.

“Congress cannot investigate me, much less remove me or stage a technical coup against me because I am honest, I’m a free president and nobody scares me,”

“But we have to forgive them. Glory to God! We have to forgive, and I know who to forgive because the people are my support and my best ally in this political process,” he said.

It sure is interesting to see these countries all over the world fighting like heck for freedom and democracy while we here in the free world are giving it away daily. See Cap and Trade, Healthcare, the stimulus and an assortment of freedom and economy killing pieces of legislation put forth by Obama and the Democrats.

Honduras is currently a part of the ALBA trade bloc led by Chavez of Venezuela; the nine member group, which includes Cuba, released a statement saying that all of its members would mobilize in order to protect the Honduras referendum and Manuel Zelaya.

UPDATE 6/28/2009: Manuel Zelaya Arrested

Honduras President Manuel Zelaya was detained by the military shortly before voting was to begin on his constitutional referendum.
President Barack Obama is “concerned”. Seems like Obama is concerned about everything these days. Read the story here.

Manuel Zelaya Melon