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obama 879

Obama Map

As Barack Obama is working so hard to improve the American reputation around the world, it seems fitting that he should study a map and see what kind of world is out there. There are all sorts of places and people in the world and our relationships with different countries and people vary widely from place to place.

Fortunately, it appears that Obama is studying up a little to see what is what and where is where.

Caption the photo for us!

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barrel monster

…. and the winners from our last caption contest are ….. :

  • 1st PlaceGeorge: Obama Fans to the Left 100 feet.
  • 2nd PlaceMrsParks: There are no more documented cases of drunk driving on route 91, now that they’ve put Boris the Barrel at the sobriety check point!

    He’s a loyal member of B.A.D.D.
    Barrels against Drunk Driving..

  • 3rd Placeflying monkey: Barrel Monster is charged with Child Endangerment after telling his hyperactive children (pictured) to “Go play in traffic.”

Congratulations to the winners!!! Play again next week!