In an apparent hurry to pass as much of Obama’s socialist agenda before the 2010 mid-term elections, the Democrats hire speed readers to read the bills. So much of the time members of Congress rely on lobbyist and staff members to tell them what is in a bill before voting.

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Obama Pushes Health Care. But who is reading the bill?

Let Freedom Ring, a non-profit, grassroots organization that supports a conservative agenda, announced an initiative urging members of Congress to sign a pledge to read and give citizens the opportunity to read any health care reform legislation before voting on it. The pledge was distributed to members of Congress on Tuesday and so far received signatures from Senators James Inhofe (R-Okla.) and Jim DeMint (R-S.C.).

With congress set to vote on an energy bill and healthcare reform, it would be in the members’ best interests to sign the pledge and to read the bills. The biggest problem we have in Washington is both parties marching blindly in lockstep behind their leaders. Voting along party lines even when they don’t really know what the bill contains.

The poison spurted by both sides does not serve the American people. The only real fight in Washington is the fight for power and control. As significant as the healthcare and energy are for our future is it too much to ask congress to know what they are voting on.

Another grassroots organization, The Sunlight Foundation, is pushing for increasing government transparency and allowing for more transparency to the American people with the details of bills. The energy bill consists of more the 1,000 pages and the details of which can make a big difference. The details matter to the voter because we are the ones the detail effect. Sometimes for generations and we only get one vote every two years. We need to really make it count.

To simply vote for a bill along party lines is a huge disservice not only to the voter but shows how the system the framers devised is broken. Most bills are voted for without much understanding of what’s in the bill by members of congress. With the rush by Democrats currently in charge of two branches of government to force complex legislation into law, our whole system is being made a mockery.

Let’s hope you as a voter will take the time to read your congressional members voting record and decide for yourself it they have truly represented you or only their own selfish interest. We are part of the problem when continue to send useless airbags back to Washington decade after decade just because this time they promise to get the job done.