As reported by Newsmax, House Republicans lead by Lamar Smith of Texas have formed the Media Fairness Caucus to combat liberal media bias. At the time of the Caucus’ creation, Lamar Smith called media bias, “The greatest threat to democracy today.”

The Media Fairness Caucus is accusing ABC News of media bias for a airing show on Primetime that will essentially act as an hour-long advertisement for Obama’s liberal agenda.

ABC News will air a program called “Questions for the President: Prescription for America.” This is not a news conference, but a “townhall” in which audience members pre-screened by Obama will ask Obama pre-screened questions on health care. There will be no conservatives speaking on this show, and opponents of Obama’s health care plan will not have a chance to respond. It’s just Obama, only Obama, all Obama, for an hour.

Here’s what Caucus stated in an open letter to ABC:

The manner in which the news programming is being presented — at the White House with the President and First Lady and without opposition — is unprofessional and contrary to the journalistic code of ethics to present the news fairly and independently.

This is not a Presidential news conference open to all news outlets. This is an exclusive arrangement from which the President and his viewpoint stand to gain. It’s as if ABC News is providing in-kind free advertising for President Obama.

ABC News, of course, contends that it is not biased, just presenting the health care plan to the public.

How is this NOT biased? Unless Republicans get an hour for a show entitled “Trillions of Dollars for a New Government Plan: Are You FREAKING KIDDING Me?!” this is a clear case of bias by ABC News.

I hate Bill Maher, but I feel I must quote him here. “He’s your President, not your boyfriend.”