The President’s staff admitted to the New York Times that our President Barack Obama still smokes. That’s right. The man who signed the Tobacco Bill that puts Big Tobacco more under the watchful eye of Big Brother, is STILL a smoker.

Barack Obama 1


As we reported here, Barack Obama smoked occasionally during his campaign, and admitted to being an addict in the past.

Now, the New York Times has revealed that Barack Obama still smokes occasionally.

Barack Obama just signed legislation bringing tobacco products under federal control. The new law will allow the federal government to regulate the amount of nicotine in tobacco products, and ban advertising and marketing geared towards minors.

Obama stated when signing the law, that his goal is to prevent children from becoming addicted to smoking. At the press conference, Obama refused to answer any questions regarding whether he still smokes.

When asked about the President’s occasional smoking habit, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said:

He struggles with it every day. I don’t honestly see the need to get a whole lot more specific than the fact that it’s a continuing struggle.

Clearly, if he did not in fact still smoke, the answer would have been, No, the President no longer smokes because it’s dangerous and he wants to set a good example.

Even the New York Times calls him an occasional smoker, acknowledging that the answers from Obama’s staff and Obama’s silence on the issue can only lead to the conclusion that the President still smokes.

My question is, where does he smoke? If it’s in the White House (most likely answer), that’s a no-smoking zone, and he would be in violation of federal law.

If George W. Bush smoked in the White House, the liberal media would be asking “How many children has George W. Bush killed with his bad example?”

But Obama, once again, gets off easy.

If only we could get a picture of Obama lighting up in the Oval Office. That would be priceless.