Barbara Montereale is an Italian starlet who has made claims that put her at the center of yet another Berlusconi sex scandal. In the last couple of months, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has been beleaguered with rumors and embarrassing revelations, all played out in the Italian media. Read about it and see photos and a video below.

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Silvio Berlusconi

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has been a target of the far left in Italy every since he assumed office. He has served as Prime Minister of the Italian Republic for three separate terms and is the second longest serving Prime Minister of Italy. His popularity and power may be part of the reason he has been subjected to increasing attacks from the communist left of his country. Either that or he really is a Playboy Prime Minister. Perhaps its a little of both.

Another sex scandal is breaking in the news in the immediate aftermath of Berlusconi nude party photos being released by a Spanish newspaper. This time Barbara Montereale, a 24-year-old self described hostess and image girl, claims she was paid approximately 850 euros to attend dinner with Berlusconi, and two other women, Lucia Rossini and a known escort Patrizia D’Addario. According to Ms. Montereale, the dinner at Palazzo Grazioli, the Prime Minister’s home in Rome. She claims it was arranged by Italian businessman Giampaolo Tarantini, who is currently under investigation for abetting prostitution. Montereale claims that D’Addario stayed with Berlusconi after the dinner and told the other women she’d had sexual relations with him. Montereale claims that she attending parties at Berlusconi’s Villa Certosa and was giving cash amounting to about 8,500 euros, jewelry and other gifts.

These latest allegations are creating a fire storm of bad publicity for the Italian Prime Minister. He’s never made any secret of his love for women, however, recent allegations from his wife that he ‘frequents minors’ have not gone over well with the public. There are also concerns as to what political favors the 72-year-old Berlusconi exchanges for his party companions.

Some are claiming that these allegations will be Berlusconi’s downfall. He claims its the communist left that are trying to smear him in the public forum. His defenders have made statements that range from the fact that he had prostrate surgery and therefore is incapable of the sexual escapades he’s been accused of, to the fact he doesn’t have to pay for sex to simply that he needs to choose his friends better.

As far as Berlusconi is concerned, he is defending himself in his usual blustering style:

On Friday, he spotted a female journalist whose sweater had slipped slightly off one shoulder. “Are you trying to get invited to one of my dinners?” he asked. “I used to do one a month, now I need to organise three or four a week.”

Overall, Berlusconi’s popularity remains high. The Italian public seem more than willing to forgive him his shortcomings in exchange for the low taxes and freedom that his center-right politics afford the public. While most Europeans have lifestyles that are legislated and taxed by Socialism, Berlusconi’s People of Freedom party has no interest in legislating the lifestyle of the people. In addition, he has cracked down on crime and illegal immigration, much to the approval of the Italian public.

The Berlusconi sex scandals aside, he is hosting next month’s G8 summit in the mountain town of L’Aquila, Italy. We doubt that Barbara Montereale and her friends will be hosting there.

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