Here is the Neda video and photos, a beautiful Iranian woman shot in the streets of Tehran by state militia, serving as a rallying cry for freedom in Iran and around the world. She was shot in the heart by a Basij soldier on Saturday June 20th while peacefully protesting on a sidewalk with her father, holding a sign that simply said “freedom.”

Neda Iran

Neda: Iran Martyr, Obama Silent

Everyone but our own president seems to realize that we are on the cusp of an Iranian Revolution in Iran that Americans feel compelled to support. The silence of Barack Obama on the important democratic struggle taking place in Iran is dumbfounding.

Neda means “voice” in Farsi so she has quickly taken center stage as the voice of Iran in troubled times. You can read more about her here and here and here.

FDR assisted our democratic allies in Europe during the darkest hours of World War II. Ronald Reagan stared down the “evil empire” while famously demanding that Mikhail Gorbechev tear down the Berlin wall. George Bush appropriately labeled North Korea, Iran and Iraq an “axis of evil” for the way they suppressed their own people.

These presidents were not afraid to take the side of freedom, a long tradition among American presidents dating back to George Washington himself and something that is bred into our American psyche. Freedom is in our blood, and that of our fathers who spilled it so that others may enjoy democratic freedoms around the world. But not this tepid president who has straddled the fence of moral relativism, seemingly afraid or unwilling to choose a side in a historic struggle.

You can read a poem about her martyrdom. The photo above of the Iranian woman shot, Neda, is before she passed. The Neda Iran video is below the fold. Warning that this YouTube content is graphic, and presented as a key historical moment in the Iranian Revolution.

Update: a second video has been found which shows Neda before she was shot. She is in the black gown standing next to her father in the blue striped shirt.

Neda Video

Neda Before Shooting