If you live in Daytona Beach, Florida you have no doubt enjoyed the Saturday night fireworks from the pier. But not for much longer; a sea turtle activist has decided to get the fireworks banned. Shirley Reynolds, a turtle activist, who also forced Volusia County to limit beach driving and protect nesting sea turtles is now going after fireworks from the pier.

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Sea Turtle Activist Fireworks Banned?

Reynolds lawyer from Tallahassee has sent a letter stating that debris from exploding fireworks makes it dangerous for wildlife. Daytona Beach officials expect the hullabaloo to end up in court; just as Reynolds 1995 lawsuit, which eventually forced Volusia County to rigorously enforce beach front lighting laws. Something talk show host Rush Limbaugh complains about frequently on his show.

Not only is there a professional fireworks display every Saturday, but visitors can set off their own fireworks on the 4th of July. There is also a longer fireworks display from the pier on Labor Day. Florida state law requires that those purchasing fireworks sign an affidavit saying that they are buying fireworks to scare off birds from their crops.

“What more proof do you need that fireworks damage birds?” Reynolds said.

Oh please. I’ve been using fireworks for 30+ years and have yet to witness any type of wildlife harmed by an explosion. I suppose it is possible for some sea turtle to come up and eat some debris, but let’s get real. This is just another liberal turtle activist trying to infringe on the rights of others.

Reynolds was worried about a nest of American Black Skimmers, a type of bird, not nesting near the pier. In the letter from her lawyer, he stated:

“The discharge or display of fireworks is an ultra-hazardous activity that is likely to create a criminal liability for the persons involved in the Pier fireworks displays if the activity results in the abandonment of the nest or other harm to the eggs,

In a twist of irony, high tide wiped the nest out and washed away the eggs; maybe Reynolds could sue Mother Nature. In any event, city officials in charge of the fireworks display says that there is no risk of danger from the fireworks shows.

Reynolds, the turtle activist, not only wants fireworks banned at the Daytona Beach Pier, but everywhere along the coast. Good night lady, you’re going to spend your whole life worrying about what everyone else is doing while not enjoying it yourself. Ah, such is the life of a liberal turtle activist.

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