Things are getting a little crazy in California. Read about the Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger testicle sculpture that was given as a gift to an unamused Democrat state senator named Darrell Steinberg. See telephoto zoom pictures of a similar bull sculpture for your inspection and commentary.


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Testicles Gift

The gift of a sculpture of bull testicles was intended as a gag but Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg doesn’t get the thrust. He returned Schwarzenegger’s cojones with a memo gesticulating that the current California budget crisis negotiations requires more serious, somber reflection.

There is a mood building in California and elsewhere that the Democrats in control of our legislatures do not have the fortitude to act like manly men. That was the point of the Schwarzenegger testicles sculpture gag, something the governor was expressing in a playful manner. While Barack Obama plays with a poodle and eats foie gras, there are important problems that require lawmakers to grow a pair.

One such crisis is the California budget mess which will require deep, deep cuts to the social programs so beloved by congressional Democrats. Cut they will, eventually, thanks to a requirement that taxes cannot be raised in California without a two-thirds vote in the legislature. Just enough Republicans are holding firm that a badly needed slashing of the social welfare state will occur.

On the national level, we have crisis after crisis to contend with, the latest of which is North Korea’s saber-rattling at a time when they are calculating that Obama is weak on terror. That calculation may be incorrect, but it is a very dangerous calculation they made based on Obama’s anxiousness to befriend them.

On the economy, instead of growing a pair and cutting the budget, Obama and congressional Democrats are increasing spending on their pet projects at taxpayer expense. From the auto companies to the banks to the boondoggle health care proposals, the resulting bill will leave our children and grandchildren in red ink for eternity.

And so we have the Arnold Schwarzenegger testicle sculpture gift to Democrat Darrell Steinberg, a small thing to be sure, but emblematic of a larger problem in our political halls. Where is the responsibility for making tough decisions?

See a very well made bull testicle sculpture below. Blow it up for a complete view of the goods.

Bull Sculpture (Photo)

Arnold Schwarzenegger (Video)