By now you have heard the news that the Senate passed a resolution calling for the U.S. to officially apologize for slavery and segregation of millions of blacks and to acknowledge “the fundamental injustice, brutality, and inhumanity of slavery and Jim Crow laws.” This is a set up for Reparations, the next stimulus package to be offered by Obama. He will offer just in time for the 2010 cycle. Watch the the video from the floor of the senate below.

Iowa Senator Tom Harkin

Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa sponsored the bill noting, “You wonder why we didn’t to it 100 years are.” After the unanimous consent vote, Harkin went on to say, “It is important to have a collective response to a collective injustice.” It now goes to the house for consideration.

The apology vote follows a similar apology vote in the House last year with one key different. The Senate addresses the issues of whether slavery descendants are entitled to reparations (FREE MONEY). They state in their apology resolution “nothing in this resolution authorizes or supports any claim against the United States; or serves as a settlement of any claim against the United States.”

Well of course that has the Congressional Black Caucus all in an uproar. They really should call their caucus the Congressional Black Democrat Caucus because unless you are a democrat, you can’t be apart of the CBC. Anyway imagine that they would think it was an attempt to stave off reparations claims. Chairman Barbara Lee, D-California said they are studying the language of Harkin’s resolution, no doubt looking for some racial issue to complain about. Others in the CBDC said they read it and don’t like it because putting the disclaimer in takes away from the apology. They plan to vote against it as long as it contains the disclaimer.

Harkin Offers Apology Resolution

The CBDC noted that in a similar apology in 1988 to Japanese-Americans held in during WWII did not contain the disclaimer and did not prevent them from receiving compensation. That would because many of them were still alive at the time. So after 140 years how do we prove who is a descendant of slaves and who is not? How much money is enough? Who do we take the money from? We can’t take it from blacks since they would be getting their own money back. We can’t take it from all whites because not all whites were slave owners.

Sen. Roland (here’s my donation) Burris, D-Ill, the only black in the Senate said on the floor after the passage, “I want to go on record making sure that that disclaimer in no way would eliminate future actions that may be brought before this body that may deal with reparations.” Man is he quick or what? Senator that is exactly what is says. It is a resolution not a law Sen. Burris. It doesn’t hold water.

And of course there were proponents of the apology that thought it fall short of a full apology. Carol Swain a professor of political science and law at Vanderbilt University called the Senate’s apology “meaningless”. Her reason being that the Democrat party and the federal government are led by a black president and because blacks are closely aligned with the Democrats. Duh?

Prof. Swain had called on the Bush administration to pass such a bill, saying “The Republican Party needed to do it. It would have shed that racist scab on the party.” Well Professor I don’t know how to tell you this, but it was the Republicans that freed the slaves. Lincoln was a Republican. Do we have racist in our party? Sure. Do the Democrats have racist in their party? Sure. As long as we live there will always be prejudice. It is a learned trait taught by narrow minded people.

Paying reparations will not change anything nor will it undo anything. When will the Democrats see the colorblind society that Martin Luther King talked about?

The next step will be Obama calling for reparations. He will say it is necessary to heal the nation as only he can heal the nation and to provide hope and change for the world to see that America does not suck as much as they think we do.