I’m sure you’ve had someone say to you ‘don’t call me Liz. Elizabeth Becton of Democrat Representative Jim McDermott’s office is one of those people, on crack. Just ask the aide from McBee Strategic lobbying firm who made that mistake with her. This is an extremely funny story and I urge you to read it and see the video below.


Don’t call me Liz

Elizabeth Becton must have been having a bad day. Perhaps she needed a Midol, I‘m not really sure. In an exchange of 19 emails, Liz (opps) chastised a person over and over, and all the recipient was doing was emailing to schedule a sit down with her boss. The innocent emailer had apologized over and over, explaining that he heard she went by that nickname.

Liz Becton did not let up and kept persisting that someone must have misled him on purpose to irritate her. She also demanded that he correct anyone else who attempts to call her Liz. She even accused him of calling while she was in the restroom, and then complained that he was rude for not leaving a message. My description does this no justice. If you think I’m kidding, definitely watch the don‘t call me Liz video below.

I don’t usually like Keith Olbermann, but he nailed this one on the head. In his re-enactment, a man with a blond wig and stuffing pushed under his belly and chest area plays the part of Liz and does a fantastic job of showing how ridiculous this woman was being. The aide will never forget the words, don’t call me liz. Elizabeth Becton will never forget this incident, nor will she live it down.

Keith Olbermann
Don’t Call Me Liz Video