Rep. Dana Rohrabacher says that President Obama is a “cream puff” in the eyes of the world. Rohrabacher made his statements during an interview with a conservative radio show on Tuesday. Already, Rohrabacher is being thrashed on liberal blogs and websites, even prompting the loons at the Daily Kos to call Ronald Reagan a cream puff.


Rohrabacher Obama Cream Puff

Rohrabacher said in his interview with Radio America:

“Already the North Koreans have challenged him and realized that he’s a cream puff — if that’s what indeed he’s going to be as a president,”

“I think that Mr. Obama, if he continues to have these type of attitudes, we’re going to see things get very bad very quickly,” Rohabacher said. “The last thing you want to do is make it sound like these people are isolated — that the people in the street don’t have any backing.”

Rohrabacher feels like a lot of people do, especially Conservatives, that the Iranian protests going on right now are a “moment of opportunity” that could slip by, unless Obama appears to be more supportive of those protesting than he has been.

Calling Obama a cream puff may have been a poor choice of words by Rohrabacher, but it does get the point across. Every day the Iranians, the North Koreans, Hamas or some other group that hates America does something that warrants a strong reaction from the Administration. To date, we haven’t seen it.

Our liberal buddies over at the Daily Kos had this to say:

Sadly for the grandstanding Republicans, it was cream puff Ronald Reagan whose policy consisted of giving the mullahs in Iran a cake, a Bible – and U.S. arms.

So instead of actually talking about this issue, and defending Obama, which they can’t; they choose to re-live a 22 year old scandal in which Ronald Reagan was exonerated. Hurray for the Daily Kos.

The biggest problem with people like those over at the Daily Kos is that they know that Obama may in fact be a cream puff. However, that is exactly what they want. I applaud Rohrabacher for his courage to stand up for his beliefs, and the beliefs of a lot of other people. Even if it means he has to call Obama a cream puff.

Watch how the “journalist” below reacts when she says cream puff.

Cream Puff Obama