I’ve just been dying to write a Hillary Clinton story, so here it is; Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s elbow was broken in a fall in the garage of the State Department on her way to a meeting at the White House. Clinton’s elbow is not broken severely but she is expected to have surgery.

Hillary Clinton Elbow

Hillary Clinton Elbow Broken

Secretary Clinton has been working from home and even had to cancel a meeting with ultra-left wing actress Angelina Jolie on Thursday. A State Department Spokesman says that surgery on Clinton’s elbow will likely be scheduled in the coming week.

Secretary Clinton was scheduled to go overseas next week to Italy and Greece; no decision has been made yet as to whether that trip will be cancelled or just postponed. On Wednesday at around 5 p.m. Clinton and Richard Holbrooke were walking in the garage at the State Department when she fell, fracturing her elbow. Ouch!

Clinton was first examined in her office, she was then taken to George Washington University Hospital where it was determined that Clinton’s elbow had been fractured. She made it back home at around 10 p.m. No word as to whether Bubba was there or not.

Hillary is very appreciative of the professionalism of the staff and all of those who have called her from around the country and the world. Like what the heck were they going to do? Ask for her autograph? Please Madame Secretary, could you sign this with your other hand?

Clinton’s elbow has probably never received this much attention, except for in the past when she spent so much time putting it in the eye of her enemy of the moment. President Obama, who called her late last night, became quite intimate with Clinton’s elbow during the campaign when Obama and Clinton were fighting it out for the Democratic nomination.

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Hillary Clinton Elbow Accident