When Barrack Obama came to Washington, he promised a different tone in his foreign policy from that of George Bush. And he has lived up to that promise. In the wake of the Iranian presidential election and the protest over the results, Obama has yet to support the people of Iran who want freedom. He is holding onto support for Ahmadinejad.

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Protestors in Iran want Freedom and Change.

As the Iranian government has detained dozens of opposition leaders, killed at least 7 people and turned off communications to the rest of the world by cracking down on the protestors of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad being reelected, Obama has been quiet.

And what has been President Obama’s response to all this? He said he was “deeply troubled”. No truer statement has ever been made by Obama. He is troubled in how he sees his role as President. He sees it as the role of a ruler not as the role of governing as our founding father did. He is troubled in how he sees America. He sees it as the cause of all problems in the world, not as the great country we are. So great that people from every country on earth want to come and be Americans.

He said it just wouldn’t do for the United States to “be seen meddling in the affairs of Iran.” This again shows how mealy-mouthed Obama is. Yet his fan base and the media believe every word he speaks even though they know he is anything but direct in what he says. In some ways he is like John ‘I voted for it before I voted against it’ Kerry. Obama will not commit to calling this a rigged election that keeps Lunatic Ahmadinejad in office. But since he has refused to take a stand on Ahmadinejad’s threats to wipe Israel off the face of the earth, is anyone surprised by this? In the world of liberals, it is okay for dictators to meddle but not America because they see us as the problem not the dictators.

Obama is willing to meddle in private businesses but he has no real foreign policy. It is simply more of the double speak that got him elected. He lacks the courage, commitment, vision and fortitude to spread democracy in the Middle East. We have Iraq as an example of democracy to follow. While it is not perfect, it is better then the brutal reign of Saddam Hussein. It is a step in the right direction.

If there is ever to be a chance for peace in that region, democracy must be a huge element in the process.
The reason Obama has not spoken out is because he does not want the Iranian people to bring freedom to Iran through protest and free and honest elections. Obama wants to bring that about through talking to Ahmadinejad. And thus making it part of his legacy. Why do Democrats obsess over their legacy?

The Obama administration must know that the real Iranian political authority lies with Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, a Shiite cleric who holds the title of supreme leader. With accusations of fraud swirling around Ahmadinejad’s victory, some Republicans and the Government of Israel say that talks with anyone who has denied the Holocaust, threatened the Jewish state with annihilation and called Iran’s nuclear program non-negotiable should be isolated.

Obama will not change his course and isolate Iran. He believes that his speeches full of bumper sticker rhetoric will bring about a change in Iran. He is hoping this is the case because his perceived legacy is more important then the freedom of Iranians.

If this is how he plans to deal with North Korea and God help us another 911 attack, we are in for a very rough time. If the best President Obama can muster is being “deeply troubled” as he and the rest of the world watch protestors standing up to Ahmadinejad, then maybe Obama doesn’t see or understand their courage because he has none himself.