Meet Justin Denney of Bonny Eagle High School in Maine. He stopped to blow his mom a kiss on the way to receiving a diploma and was told by a school bureaucrat to sit back down, no graduation for him this year. The Justin Denney diploma debacle reminds us why government run organizations, whether they are local schools or Obama’s auto company and massive health care takeover, can rarely be trusted with the people’s business.

Justin Denney

Justin Denney Diploma Denied: Big Government Lessons for Obama?

For twenty five years it has been accepted in politics and among the American people that less government is better, at least in principle. The arguments always come over the specifics. Barack Obama is attempting to change that dynamic during the current recession by providing big government answers to everyone’s pet beefs.

It began during the election campaign with the curious message of “hope” without context, implying that people derive hope only through their elected leaders in Washington DC. The consequences of Obama’s depressing message are beginning to sink in. The weight of government largess is sinking the ship of state both financially and spiritually, and explains why his poll numbers are dropping.

Obama’s answer for the auto companies was first to gift them unprecedented billions of dollars in a taxpayer bailout, and then to simply take them over after his program had wasted our money. The financial institutions preceded this exercise in government control the same way. And now Obama wants to nationalize the health care industry so that you can derive medical hope from politicians rather than your own physicians and nurses.

So it is no wonder that the curious case of Justin Denney and an overbearing Bonny Eagle High School superintendent named Suzanne Lukas hit the news this week. He waved to his mom and took a bow, like a handful of excited kids do in each graduating class in every high school in America. She had a big government answer to his hope, which was to rip it away.

Sit down Justin Denney. Your diploma can wait. Get in the back of the line for health care while you are at it. Conformists get their diploma. The politician’s kid needs the transplant more than you. Push aside and move over. Government has the answer for your hope.

More on the Justin Denney diploma fiasco is below in the video report.

Justin Denney (Video)