This might possibly be one of the spookiest stories I’ve heard in a while; Thomas Prusik-Parkin, a 49 year old man in Brooklyn NY, impersonated his mother to collect her social security benefits. After a business venture that went south, and a home in foreclosure, Parkin decided to pull the ultimate scam.

Man Poses as dead mom

Thomas Prusik-Parkin Mugshot

Thomas Prusik-Parkin posed as his dead mother for 6 years; getting away with $115,000 dollars before his luck ran out. Parkin used a cane, a wig and even a phony “nephew” who has been arrested as his accomplice in the scam. Thomas Prusik-Parkin began to pose as his mother almost immediately after she died. Why would a guy go through such lengths?

Parkin’s mother signed her house over to him in 1996; he took out a $200,000 dollar mortgage to finance a real estate business that went belly up. He stopped making mortgage payments and the house went into foreclosure, soon after, Parkin began to pose as his dead mother to avoid eviction. His mother, Irene, had died in 2003.

Thomas Prusik-Parkin posed as his dead mother, to file a suit saying that he had forged the deed transfer in 1996; he essentially sued himself. He proved somehow that the sale of his house was not legal because he (Thomas) was not the legal owner. He deeded the house back to his mother Irene, (himself) in 2003. Thomas Prusik Parkin then took out another mortgage for almost a million dollars. He collected $300,000.

Parkin, kept up his ruse for 6 years, deceiving various government agencies, collecting $115,000 and all the while smearing his mothers good name; what a son. When investigators finally nailed Parkin, evidence that he may not be playing with a full deck emerged.

“I held my mother when she was dying and breathed in her last breath, so I am my mother,” Prusik-Parkin said when he was arrested, according to detectives.

It all started back in 2003 when Irene Parkin died at age 73. Thomas Prusik-Parkin gave the funeral director a fake social security number as well as the wrong date of birth. Seriously? How long had this man been planning to pose as his dead mother to collect her benefits?
Maybe somebody should think about exhuming her body to see what she actually died from; a man like this would be capable of just about anything. Does the movie Psycho ring a bell?

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