Apparently, everything that Barack Obama does is considered gospel by some people. Even something as mundane as swatting a fly has the liberal blogosphere ga-ga.

As reported here, the liberal pundits are in “sheer awe” of his “ninja-like” reflexes as he kills a fly.

Frankly, I’m not that impressed, and I think even Barack Obama would agree that liberal bloggers are taking their hero-worship to an extreme with this one. If this is the lengths that people will go to worship their Messiah, we might as well have “Obama ties shoe” videos and “Obama walks and chews gum” videos.

He killed a fly. Non-event. Unless you are a liberal pundit. Then, you believe that a miracle has just occurred and you are ready to sacrifice your first born at the altar of Obama.

If George W. Bush had killed the fly, animal activists would be threatening to prosecute him for a war crime. In fact, animal activists tried to kill a professor in Santa Cruz last year for conducting experiments on fruit flies, as reported here. If these activists were at all consistent, they would condemn Obama for an unnecessary act of cruelty against another living thing.

Judge for yourself. Is the below video one of the greatest acts of courage and athleticism in the history of the world? Or is it just a guy killing a fly?