Hollywood person Ashley Tisdale was in Spain recently doing a talk show. While there, she gave a Spanish Obama a special dance. You can read about it below. We have photos and the video here.

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Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale of Disney’s ‘High School Musical’ fame, appeared on the Spanish talk show ‘El Hormiguero’ the other day. While she was talking, through an interpreter, to the show’s host and Muppet kind of characters, she was going on and on about her love of Barack Obama. There is apparently something in the air out in hollywood that causes these teenie-boppers (of all ages) to get that glazed eyed hypnotic hero worship thing going on about the Obama.

Anyway, while she was gushing about the Celebrity President, all of the sudden an Obama impersonator came out ready, willing and able for her to give him a dance. He even had his hands strategically placed throughout the dance, although that turned out not to be at all necessary. But how could he have known that ahead of time!

She did the leftist thing of bowing to him (when did that trend start?), and gushed, giggled and gave the tamest, lamest dance in the history of such dances. She is a Disney child star, after all. I suppose that’s how we show respect for the office of the President these days, you know, when we’re really super, you know, like, awed by his awesomeness.

She acted as though she thought that was actually Obama. This is hollywood international politics, I ‘spose.

By the way, don’t you think she looks a lot like Bristol Palin? Only not as cute and a lot more slutty flight attendant looking.

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Ashley Tisdale – Photos

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