If you thought your business was in the tank just be glad you don’t work for British Airways. The company has asked its staff to work for free. That’s right, nothing, notta, zip, zero. British Airways lost a record 401 million pounds last year, and it isn’t looking much better this year.

British Airways Staff Work Free

British Airways Staff Work Free

British Airways asking staff to work for free is just the next move in a long line of cost reduction methods employed by the company. They have already asked employee’s to take unpaid time off, as well as a reduction in hours. Asking for free labor is of course the most drastic. It is all in the name of survival, says British Airways Chief Executive Willie Walsh.

Walsh has asked for volunteers to work for between 1 and 4 weeks for free; Walsh himself has said that he will work for free in July. He has given the British Airways staff a deadline of June 24th to decide if they will volunteer to work for free. Walsh says the pay reductions would be spread out over a period of 3 to 6 months wherever possible.

British Airways is said to be seeking 4,000 job cuts, which would include 2,000 voluntary free workers among their almost 14,000 cabin crew members.

In British Airways company newsletter, Walsh wrote:

“I am looking for every single part of the company to take part in some way. It really counts. We face a fight for survival. These are the toughest trading conditions we have ever seen and there simply are no green shoots.

“Our survival depends on everyone contributing to changes that permanently remove costs from every part of the business,” he added.

Imagine working for British Airways, the company newsletter comes in and the headline reads “Action Time”. Within the article your Chief Executive asks for British Airways staff to work for free. That would definitely fill you with a big heaping dose of job security, now wouldn’t it?

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