Former Nitwit President Carter is expected to ask current Nitwit President Obama to remove Hamas from the Terrorist List when they meet later this week to discuss Carter’s most recent trip to the Middle East.

317px JimmyCarteronBicycle
Carter on his bike in Plains, GA

Last year as Israeli forces moved into the Gaza Strip to stop Hamas from firing rockets into Israel, Carter says he felt personally responsible that American weapons were used. What? Did he not want Israel to defend itself? We have supplied weapons to Israel so the can defend themselves in a region surrounded by terrorist. He is a bigger boob now than when he was President and that is saying a lot.

Carter has been visiting Hamas leaders trying to get them to accept the conditions offered by the international community that would end an embargo against them. Hamas has been asked to recognize Israel, renounce violence and work to find a peace agreement that will ensure a Palestinian state. They have refused because they want the whole region not just part of it.

Hamas was created in 1987 as a more militant Palestinian offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, a religious, political and social movement founded in Egypt and dedicated to the gradual victory of Islam. Since the mid-1970s, during the Carter Error, the Brotherhood has expanded its influence in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The repeated call by Hamas for an immediate holy war to liberate Palestine has rendered the Brotherhood’s policy of Islamicization ineffective.

Hamas preaches and engages in violence and terror with the goal to destroy Israel and replace it with an all Islamic state. Its virulent hatred of Jews and Judaism is deeply rooted in the anti-Semitic writings of Muslim Brotherhood theologians. Hamas is both a terrorist organization and a mass social, political and religious movement. Using religious and political indoctrination and social pressure, Hamas terrorist leaders have recruited young Palestinian men for Homicide bombings in and around Israel and the Gaza.

Hamas enjoys strong financial backing from Iran (an estimated $20 – $30 million), private benefactors and Muslim charities in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, Palestinians donors from around the globe including American has help it have a budget estimated at $70 million.
But it appears that even Hamas doesn’t want Carter involved in this. It has been reported that two roadside bombs were found near a crossing between Israel and the Gaza along the route Carter took to meet with leaders and that the bombs were intended for his motorcade. The U.S. and Europe have long recognized Hamas as a Terrorist group. From 1993 to 2005 Hamas carried out 480 attacks on Israel. Carter’s insistence they be taken of the terrorist list can only be for his legacy.

Carter is not alone in calling for Hamas to be taken off the Terrorist list. Top Hamas terrorist Ismail Haniyeh has urged the European Union to remove his group from the list of terrorist organizations. According to Haniyeh, Hamas has “always been interested in openness to European countries,” and that he planned to work together with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas

Despite all the facts that Hamas is only interested in Islamicization through the use of terror, it seems the President Carter refuses to except that Hamas is and will forever be a Terrorist Group. We can only hope that President Obama will not remove Hamas from the Terrorist List.