Beccah Beushausen has been blogging about carrying and delivering a terminally ill baby. She has attracted thousands of readers, but it all turned out to be a blogger baby hoax. Read about it below.

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Blogger Baby Hoax

Beccah Beushausen has spent the last two months blogging simply as ‘B’ or ‘April’s Mom.’ Her story was enticing and attracted thousands of readers who gave her sympathy, prayers, shared their own stories and sent gifts. The draw was that ‘B’ told the story of a single mother who was carrying a baby who had been diagnosed in utero as being terminally ill. The online pro-life community came to her blog to offer her support and comfort.

This past Sunday night, ‘April’s Mom’ wrote about giving birth to April Rose, her ‘miracle baby’. According to her reports, April Rose was born at home alive, but died hours later. Her blog got close to a million hits as this tragedy unfolded online.

The problem turned out to be that the whole thing was a hoax.

Her downfall came about after she posted pictures of herself holding her baby. The baby was a life-like doll that readers recognized as being a doll. I wondered why people would think someone would be at the computer immediately before, during and after giving birth at home, alone. And to think that someone would be posting articles while their child was dying seems a little far fetched to me. But then, I wasn’t caught up in the soap opera from the get-go.

As soon as ‘April’s Mom’ got a hint that her readers were getting a clue that her whole pretend pregnancy and birth might not be on the up and up, she started deleting her Facebook, Twitter and blog pages, but it was too late. She was found out and her identity unmasked. She turned out to be a 26-year-old Chicago are Social worker from Mokena named Beccah Beushausen.

She claims it all started innocently enough. She says she really did lose a newborn child in 2005 and started the blog to deal with the emotions from that loss. She started writing and people started coming to her blog. She says she got addicted to it and one lie lead to the next until it was out of control.

Interestingly, in spite of her claims that it was just something that got out of hand, other bloggers say that she pursued their support, links and help in driving traffic to her blog. That might have been a clue that there was something amiss in all of this.

Beushausen has spent a couple of days in a hospital following this episode. There’s no evidence that she committed any crimes or financially benefited in any way from the whole blogger baby hoax.