It was inevitable I suppose. After just six months in office the Light Fantastic, Barack Obama, was actually booed during a speech – by Doctors! Read more below, see photos and the video.

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Barack Obama Booed

Frankly, I didn’t know they had it in them! If the reception Barack Obama got from doctors at the American Medical Association meeting is an indicator, The One is in for a bumpy ride as he tries to sell ‘Obamacare’ – his plan to socialize our country’s health care system.

Those rowdy doctors booed Obama when he told them he wouldn’t help them win their top legislative priority: placing limits on jury damages in medical malpractice cases.

Of course we know what would have happened if The One had said he would help the doctors — the trial lawyers and unions who are major supporters of Democratic candidates would go ballistic. And that would be just the beginning. A wide variety of consumer groups would also revolt against Obama and we can’t have that now can we?

The doctors at the AMA meeting are only the first stop on Obama’s effort to socialize our health care in this country. Of course, his efforts to stamp out private insurance and subplant it with ‘Obamacare‘ would reduce the best medical care in the world to a mere shadow of itself — bad news for American taxpayers, health-care providers, and, most important, patients.

It is certainly clear, after just six months in office, that Barack Obama’s vision for our country is one where the government is greatly involved in the private sector: sometimes mandating heavily, sometimes taking over, sometimes competing. And despite Obama being booed by doctors, his efforts to get Obamacare passed by the end of his first year in office is a priority.

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