A crowd even Obama would be envious of.

A crowd even Obama would be envious of.

Once again, information is sketchy, but as you can see, the protests continue in Iran today. Reportedly over 3 million protesters in Tehran showed up today to protest the election as illegitimate. The main opposition leader Mousavi, who may have won the election, stood up on a car in the crowd and gave a speech in direction violation of a denied permit to hold this protest. The people then shouted date. “Mousavi we support you! We will die but retrieve our votes!”

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Even more important, the Iranian state television is now covering the protest. In some ways this is big because it could signal a shift in the ruling council that they might be willing to redo the election, since it is seen as being corrupt and an usurpation of power by thedinnerjacket. However, authorities are still doing their best to block information from coming out of the country. Foreign journalists have been arrested and ordered out of the country and there is little “official” news coming for the big news outlets. However, thanks to Twitter’s API, thousands of Iranians are tweeting the happenings and sending video and pictures out of the country so we can know what is going on. The first Twitterevolution!

Here is some video of the protests today in Tehran, somewhat long, but it is unfiltered and it needs no commentary. I don’t know if the people of Iran can succeed in their desire for change, but once you get a taste of freedom, it becomes kind of addicting. I don’t think Iran will ever be the same after these events. We may not see it this time, but I do think Iran is due for some reform, my understanding is that the youth are no where near the hardliners who took over the US embassy, etc. in 1979.