Former President Jimmy Carter said in an interview that the U.S. and Israel were headed for a collision course due to the fight over Israeli settlements that he deemed “illegal”. The former President always manages to insert himself into the middle-east peace process, usually making things worse.

Carter Israeli settlements Illegal

Jimmy Carter

The Obama Administration have called on Israel to halt all settlement activity in the West Bank, saying that those settlements are an obstacle to the peace process. Carter agrees, even going so far as to label the settlements illegal under international law. Carter made this statement in Amman, Jordan.

The former President had just arrived from Israel where he had visited the Israeli settlements that he called illegal. He said that he wanted the Israeli’s to understand how he viewed the settlements and the Israeli people. I’m guessing he didn’t call them illegal while he was there, he waited until the next day when he was in Jordan to make the illegal remarks.

The 85 year old Carter was asked by liberal Haaretz newspaper about the prospect of a head on collision between long time allies the U.S. and Israel, Carter said yes. There is a collision coming, Obama is calling on Israel to halt settlement activities while Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly ignored those demands.

Whatever your stance on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, you have to agree, a huge obstacle I see in the peace process is Jimmy Carter saying the settlements are illegal and predicting a head on collision while pretending to broker a peace agreement.

Carter has been a long time advocate of the Palestinian people and is clearly partial to their cause. Carter has blamed the Israeli’s for the failure of a Palestinian state to be established, and he is not likely to change his stance at 85 years old. Making statements about a U.S., Israel head on collision and calling the Jewish settlements illegal is continued proof of that.

Jimmy Carter blasting Israel