A Fire David Letterman Rally is set for Tuesday outside of the Ed Sullivan theater, where Late Night with David Letterman is filmed. The rally is in response to David Letterman’s controversial jokes regarding the Palin family. Letterman stated that Sarah Palin’s daughter got “knocked up by A-Rod” during a top 10 list regarding Sarah Palin’s trip to New York.

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Fire David Letterman

Sarah Palin attended a Yankee game with her 14-year-old daughter Willow. In response, Palin accused Letterman of making a joke about a minor getting raped. She also called Letterman a pervert.

Letterman claimed that he meant to reference Bristol Palin, who is an adult. He apologized and said the joke was in bad taste.

New York State Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb is one of the people spearheading the “Fire David Letterman” movement. Radio talk show host John Ziegler is also supporting the rally. They have created a website that contains more information: www.firedavidletterman.com

I don’t believe David Letterman, who has been on TV as long as I can remember, will be fired over an incident like this. However, I do believe that his joke crossed the line and he deserves the negative press he has gotten. Ultimately though, Sarah Palin is an open target from Hollywood, New York and the news media, and people can take cheapshots at her without consequences in the Obama era.

You can watch Letterman’s insult of the Palin family here.

First, David Letterman discussed the situation in the video below, and said the joke was in poor taste, but fell short of apologizing:

Then, he issued a full apology on Monday’s show: