The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act passed the Senate overwhelmingly Thursday. It puts tobacco under the regulation of the Food and Drug Administration. The bill will allow the FDA to restrict the marketing of tobacco and ban candy-flavored cigarettes.

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Tobacco Now Under FDA Control

The FDA would have control to regulate nicotine and other ingredient levels. It could require the posting of larger warning labels on cigarette cartons as well as other tobacco products. It also gives control over all marketing. Critics said the bill will establish a new federal bureaucracy. That translates into more federal tax dollars being spent.

Now don’t get me wrong I am an ex-smoker. I would love to smoke a cigarette about 10 feet long. I quit because of health reasons and the rising price. But it is a legal product and it is a personal choice to smoke or not smoke. Letting the FDA control tobacco companies will lead to other industries being controlled by the FDA.

For you that shout Hooray for this, stop a second and think about what will be next to be controlled by the government. Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Pizza, Ice Cream, Potato Chips, Sausage, Eggs, Bread, Chocolate just to name a few. We are headed in that direction. It use be that parents monitored their kids diet. Now we have to have the FDA to save us from ourselves.

One aspect of this bill that I find interesting is that Menthol cigarettes are initially exempt from the ban because of demands from the Congressional Black Caucus. About 75% of African-American smokers buy menthol brands. You figure out why.

The FDA is required to set up an advisory panel that will report within a year on whether menthol should be banned. I wonder what the verdict will be on that.