One of the poorest cities in America, Flint, Michigan, is currently being downsized. This is part of a proposal by Dan Kildee, who is the Treasurer of Genesee county Michigan. Obama liked the idea so much that his administration is thinking about applying the bulldozing scheme to 50 U.S. cities. Is it true? Is Obama bulldozing shrinking cities?

Obama Bulldoze U S Cities

Obama the Bulldozer

Politicians in Flint, believe the city must contract by as much as 40% to survive. Obama heard about this plan during the campaign and with all of his “magic tricks” failing left and left, he has now decided to investigate using Dan Kildee’s method.

Several U.S. cities are on the brink of financial ruin; the Obama Administration is leaning towards the idea of bulldozing shrinking cities in order to keep them viable. The idea behind this is to shrink the area, literally that would have to be supported by basic services.

I remember when the idea of America was growth; cities and towns growing beyond their current borders, businesses growing and thus supporting that cities growth. Tax revenues growing, not because of increases but because of growth of business; now we have a President who likes the idea of shrinking cities.

Mr. Kildee has started his experiment in Flint, but the federal government has asked him to apply his technique to the rest of the country. He will be focusing on 50 cities mainly throughout the rust belt in the Midwest and Northeast. Some of the cities being looked at are Philadelphia, Baltimore, Memphis, Pittsburgh and Detroit.

What do these cities all have in common? They are democratic controlled cities, in mostly democratic controlled states that have been run into the ground. Mr. Kildee says in the Telegraph:

“The real question is not whether these cities shrink – we’re all shrinking – but whether we let it happen in a destructive or sustainable way,” said Mr Kildee. “Decline is a fact of life in Flint. Resisting it is like resisting gravity.”

Kind of like resisting Obama and his leftist, socialist tendencies; this seems to be a perfect policy for Obama to adopt. Obama bulldozing shrinking cities, kind of like Obama bulldozing the American economy.

“Much of the land will be given back to nature. People will enjoy living near a forest or meadow,” he said.

Mr Kildee acknowledged that some fellow Americans considered his solution “defeatist” but he insisted it was “no more defeatist than pruning an overgrown tree so it can bear fruit again”.

Maybe this is what Obama meant when he talked about “shovel ready” projects; only he actually meant bulldozer ready cities.

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