Did you hear about the Chastity Bono gender reassignment surgery? The daughter of former GOP Congressman Sony Bono and Cher is tired of being misclassified as a woman. Read all about the Chastity Bono sex change here and help us figure out what this change has to do with Obama.

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Apparently some of us go on lifelong journeys of personal discovery and some of us are more comfortable in our own skin. It is a unique attribute of our culture that we can jump out of God-given selves so effortlessly without suffering the ridicule that would be found in more traditional societies.

Barack Obama himself is on a personal journey of self-discovery according to his own autobiography. The voyage, seemingly applauded in our society rather than ridiculed, resulted in an early cocaine habit, off and on marital problems, and an odd obsession with shaving his chest. The journey is famously encapsulated in the powerful “change” slogan during the 2008 presidential race which embraced change merely for the sake of it.

But the dogged determination to change himself also generated a singular focus on becoming president of all of us. In America it is okay to be uncomfortable with yourself because abnormality is cherished as one aspect of a culturally diverse melting pot, whether you are Chastity Bono or Barack Obama. Sometimes such anxieties drive an individual to soaring new heights.

So now dear listeners, we have the Chastity Bono sex change surgery to consider. There was a time when people who didn’t like their assets just shut up about it and lived their lives. I don’t know if that is the right approach in an enlightened society, but that is certainly the case historically in all societies until the X-generation in the United States, to whom Barack Obama himself is unquestioningly a hero.

So Chastity Bono is Chaz Bono without the tity, so to speak. The daughter of U.S. Congressman Sony Bono and entertainment icon Cher will become a man. Meanwhile Barack Obama transformed his own personal journey of self-discovery into the presidency, while yes, shaving his chest.

In America, anything is possible is it not? Curious as to reader views about the state of affairs in American culture. Contemplate the Chastity Bono gender reassignment as we watch together a cute video way before change was in vogue.

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Chastity Bono Sex Change is Hope for A New America?

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