Well, Hugo Chavez is at it again. The Venezuelan socialist dictator has decided to ban Coke Zero in all of Venezuela; citing health concerns for Venezuelan citizens. Coke Zero is the calorie free brand of Coke, and has been on the market for a relatively short amount of time.

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Venezuela Bans Coke Zero

Venezuelan Health Minister Jesus Mantilla said that the banning of Coke Zero in Venezuela was due to the health risks it poses to Venezuelan citizens. Mantilla, however didn’t give any specific health risks that Coke Zero had. From the BBC:

“The product should be withdrawn from circulation to preserve the health of Venezuelans,” said Health Minister Jesus Mantilla.

Coke Zero has only been on the market in Venezuela since April, and now it is being banned. Coke says that it will immediately stop production of Coke Zero in Venezuela and pull it from the shelves. I smell a rat, and his name is Hugo.

Hugo Chavez is one of the most anti-capitalist people in public life right now; he is constantly espousing the virtues of socialism over capitalism on his weekly television show “Alo Presidente. Seriously, he couldn’t find a better name than that?

Chavez, consistently accuses the United States of being an imperialistic nation, and says that capitalism is evil, while saying that socialism is the way. He went so far as to urge President Barack Obama to “continue” on the road to socialism. He also gave President Obama a socialist propaganda filled book to read, and I don’t think it was a joke.

While Chavez has his own reasons for banning Coke Zero in Venezuela, liberals in this country, led by Obama are well on their way of immolating his brand of fascism. I asked the group of students I was teaching last night if the rumor about Mountain Dew was still alive, you know, the one about Mountain Dew affecting a certain part of your anatomy. They informed me that it was; well, anyway, if Venezuela bans Coke Zero, I see no reason for Obama not to ban Mountain Dew.

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