With a mounting debt of $25 Trillion, $14 Trillion in private debt and $11 plus Trillion in public debt, there may be 25 Trillion or more reasons to sent Obama back to Chicago in 2012.

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President Obama

A Gallup poll out this week shows that 51% of Americans disapprove of the President’s handling of federal spending. And a slim 48% to 46% disapprove how Obama is handling the deficit. It is time to tell Congress and the President that it’s the deficit stupid. Even then it is unlikely that Obama will listen. He came into office with the national checkbook and an endless supply of ink thanks to a Democratic Congress.

Obama is running the country like he is still a community organizer. He is telling anyone that will listen to hate doctors and get public pressure for Obamacare. He is moving money around with ‘Paygo’ so he can force health care on America. Whatever the price is claimed to be, it will be more. It always is when the government fixes anything. If he fixed Medicare and Social Security then he would have a good argument to fix health insurance. We have the best health care in the world. The problem is health insurance. Letting to government be the only source for it is not the answer.

Republicans on Capitol Hill are hoping they have found Obama’s Achilles’ heel that will make him a one term president. Deficit spending has always concerned Americans. In the 1980’s they were worried as deficits rose during the Reagan years but when the economy turned up, America calmed down and began to enjoy expansion of business, a rise in salaries, lower interest and tax cuts. All that extended into the 1990’s.

The recession started under President Bush, but unless Obama gets control of the rising interest rates, inflation and the coming tax increases, he will be blamed for it because of his big spending. America has always wanted a balance budget. It was a Republican Congress in the 90’s that gave us a balanced budget. They took President Clinton along kicking and screaming all the way.

Republicans have to remind people often that it’s the deficit stupid. Rasmussen finds that for the first time in two years that 42% to 36% now trust the Republicans in managing the economy better. We are seeing rising gasoline prices again, up nearly $1 since January of 2009. When interest rates rise, construction falls and unemployment goes up. Obama’s vulnerability will be in a growing deficit. If he continues to follow the path he is on and continues to print more money, and borrow the projected $3 trillion to $4 trillion during his term, he will kill the recovery and cause Americans to call for real Change in 2012.

It is the deficit stupid. Cut spending. Let the market correct itself and get government out of running private businesses. But Obama is unlikely to listen because he believes his own PR. No one is that good. Someone tell the President that 45% to 36% of Americans think he should cancel the rest of the stimulus package.