With regrets here are the bare necessities of a missing Phil Spector wig. Please approach the mug-shot and jail photos below with appropriate trepidation, dear readers as we carefully compare each hair on his head. And what does this image have in common with Barack Obama? Read on.

Phil Spector wig mug shotPhil Spector bald

Phil Spector Wig, Sans Wig: Mug-Shot Comparison
(Click to enlarge each at your own peril.)

The Phil Spector wig picture on the left was a booking mug-shot photo taken in Los Angeles way back in April 2009. The wig-less picture on the right was taken at North Kern State Prison Reception Center in Delano California in early June, 2009.

You be the judge as to which is the more Phil, and leave your vote in the comments.

Meanwhile, all of this reminds us for some reason that Barack Obama is bald somewhere else, evidence that men can be bald in so many unusual ways. Some men don’t want what they have there, and others want what they don’t have there. Go figure.

The Big O hairless story was an interesting factoid reported earlier this year that was lost in the fuzzy warmth of a swearing in ceremony, the revolving door of original cabinet appointments, and that weird economy thing.

So whether Phil Spector or Barack Obama, we wonder why oh why men can’t just be men, comfortable in the own skin endowed by their eternally wise Creator. Wigged or wig-less, hairy or way bald, such concerns are seemingly an acute obsession of celebrities and leaders of the free world. At least consider our feelings on this issue, your faithful fans.

More Phil Spector wig and Phil Spector mug-shot photo mania below. See the video if you dare.

Phil Spector baldPhil Spector wig mug shot
Phil Spector Wig, Phil Spector Bald, Oh My (Photos)

Phil Spector Wig (Video)