According to a top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, President Obama and his administration have ordered FBI agents to read terror suspects their Miranda rights; even though they have been captured on foreign soil and are not U.S. citizens officially protected by the Miranda vs. Arizona decision over 40 years ago.

Obama Miranda rights to terrorists

Obama allows Terrorists Miranda rights

Michigan congressman Mike Rogers, met recently with military, intelligence, and law-enforcement officials on a fact finding trip to Afghanistan. What he found was deeply troubling. The Obama Justice Department has quietly ordered the FBI to issue Miranda rights to foreign fighters captured on the field of battle.

Congressman Rogers, who himself is a former FBI agent and member of the military, says:

“I was a little surprised to find it taking place when I showed up because we hadn’t been briefed on it, I didn’t know about it. We’re still trying to get to the bottom of it, but it is clearly a part of this new global justice initiative.”

A Los Angeles Times story in May says that the FBI is going to have a larger role in what Obama calls the “global justice” initiative; taking more of a prominent part in apprehending and questioning suspected terrorists. One can only speculate why the Obama administration has chosen to proceed with the “former war on terror” in this manner. My guess is that they want cover when they bring detainees to the U.S. for trial; there is no other reason to Mirandize a terror suspect.

Republicans and anybody with half a brain knows that this is a bad idea. The first thing a suspect is told when they are given their Miranda rights, is that they have the right to “remain silent”. What would be the point of keeping a bunch of suspected terrorists, if we were not going to glean information from them?

Ranking Republican Pete Hoekstra says:

“It would seem the last thing we want is Khalid Sheikh Mohammed or any other al-Qaeda terrorist to remain silent. Our focus should be on preventing the next attack, not giving radical jihadists a new tactic to resist interrogation–lawyering up.”

Rogers also warns of the fact that organizations like the International Red Cross are already telling detainees to “lawyer up”. And he adds that issuing Miranda rights along with International organizations already advising them in this way will only lead to confusion between the FBI, CIA, and the military.

Didn’t we already have an issue with confusion between the FBI, CIA, military, and other intelligence agencies in the past? Oh, I forgot; that’s what Barack Obama seems to want. The only thing allowing terrorists to have Miranda rights read to them will do is cause confusion.

Obama on Miranda Rights Video

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