The Democratic Party’s lineup for the ‘08 nomination for president has 3 potential history makers among the crowded field of prospects.

Barack Obama – would be the first black president.

Hillary Clinton – would be the first woman president.

Bill Richardson – would be the first Hispanic president.

This race is going to a 3 way battle royal that has more to do with which of the potential presidential candidates can garner the most support from the minority voting block than individual political views. With all of the media attention and hype that these 3 candidates will be getting, the rest of the democratic hopefuls can save themselves a lot of trouble and drop out of the race now.

I think that one of the most interesting aspects of this race is going to be seeing how the minority vote gets split between Obama, Clinton, and Richardson, and how the candidates go about courting the individual groups within that voting block. To add to the excitement, I suspect that many of the republican minority voters will change their party affiliations in order to support one of these three candidates.

One would assume that Obama will get the majority of votes cast by black voters, but even though he should have a lock on the black male voters, he will have to split some of those black female votes with Clinton.

I expect Clinton will have no trouble with white and black female voters, but she will have to pick up votes from the other minority groups wherever she can find them. She is not likable enough to steal any votes from either Obama or Richardson.

Although Richardson has more political experience either Clinton or Obama, he lacks the celebrity that the top two candidates have. Even though Richardson has almost no chance of getting the democratic presidential nomination, he will have a lock on the Hispanic vote. So no matter who wins the nomination, he or she, will need Richardson to secure the support of the Hispanic voters, in the presidential election.

After some thought, I have come to the conclusion that Hillary Clinton is the most likely of the 3 candidates to get the democratic nomination. Barack Obama will cross the finish line a close second, which leave him out of political gas. Bill Richardson should emerge as the vice presidential running mate for Clinton. Not only does Richardson bring some much needed political experience to the table, but he also secures the much sought after and highly prized Hispanic voting block for the Democratic Party.