More than a thousand people lined up in Birmingham, Alabama to receive applications for the communities section 8 housing program. It is the first open enrollment of 2009; and the line of people stretched more than three blocks. Section 8 provides rental subsidies for families that meet certain income requirements, and can be used for apartments or houses.

Section 8 Housing Public Housing

Public Housing

Birmingham housing officials said that they expect 8,000 applications to be handed out; they handed out 4,000 last year. The traffic flow, warranted that police officers be on hand at all three locations that the section 8 applications were being handed out. From the Birmingham News:

The traffic flow resembled the days when Alabama football games brought thousands to the area at Legion Field. Cars were lined along the streets around Eighth Avenue North. Cars pulled up and allowed passengers to get out.

Officials said that they are expecting double the applications this year due to the current economic climate. Only the first 2,500 applications will be accepted. One woman said, “I just need the help.” As the human line stretched for three blocks, hardly a reporter could be found. I had trouble finding anything about this story at all.

I think it speaks to the blatant hypocrisy of the media, and their fawning love for Barack Obama. As reported over at Sweetness and Light, if George Bush were still in office, and over a thousand African-American’s were lined up in Alabama seeking government assisted housing, don’t you think the mainstream media would be all over it?

But all news, and proof of the floundering economy, as it relates to Obama policies will either be covered up or not reported at all. The line of people in Alabama seeking section 8 housing proves that. This is Obama Housing policies at work; this is your tax dollars at work.

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