Here is the face of Korena Roberts, the woman who is accused of cutting the unborn baby from Heather Megan Snively’s womb, killing her in the process and ending the baby’s life as well. See her photos and read more about this chilling story below.

Korena Roberts

Korena Roberts

She was born Korena Elaine Roberts in 1980 which makes her 27 years old today. Both her and the mom were neighbors, Snively of Tigard Oregon and Roberts of Beaverton Oregon, who reportedly met through Craigslist making her the latest accused CraigsList killer.

According to police reports, paramedics were called to her home on June 5th where she announced that she had just given birth. Her boyfriend was administering CPR to the baby on the floor, who was later pronounced dead at the hospital where it was discovered that Ms. Roberts had not given birth anytime in the recent past. The body of Heather Snively was later found in a crawlspace in her home.

Ms. Roberts was charged with murder in the death of the mom and might face charges in the death of the baby. Should she face double murder charges, it will not be from any moral leadership offered by the current administration in Washington.

Barack Obama is opposed to murder charges for an unborn child, reliably toeing a staunch pro-abortion line touted by classical feminists. He is historically our nation’s most pro-abortion president, as further evidenced by the appointment of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court vacancy, an appointment that many observers consider radical. His congressional score from NARAL for pro-abortion positions was a whopping 100% while in the U.S. Senate.

And it is ironic that our president was elected at a time when the nation is tilting more and more to pro-life positions. Recent surveys show that a majority of Americans are now opposed to the practice of abortion after two decades of little movement on the issue.

And so we have the case of Korena Roberts in the Age of Obama, a Democrat in the State of Oregon who is essentially accused of aborting the child of another woman. The nation recoils in horror, but predictably we hear nothing from our nation’s leaders on this case.

Curious as to reader thoughts on Korena Roberts, as well as Barack Obama’s abortion position and the moral consequences in society, exemplified by Heather Megan Snively and her unborn child.

Korena Roberts Victim Heather SnivelyKorena Roberts
Korena Roberts (Right)
Heather Snively (Left)

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