On her way to Washington Monday to meet with U.S. Senators who will vote “yes” on her confirmation to the Supreme Court, Justice to be Sonia Sotomayor broke her ankle in an airport stumble. It happened at LaGuardia Airport in New York City. The White House reports she suffered a small fracture to her right ankle.


Surpreme Court Justice Sotomayor On Crutches

Despite the injury and having to walk with crutches, she plans on keeping her appointments with Senators in Washington this week. But hey if she decided not to because of the injury, she knows she will be the next justice. Obama could nominate Paris Hilton and the liberal Congress would confirm her. Upon arriving in DC she made a quick visit to the White House and then went to Jorge Washington University Medical Faculty for an x-ray.

What I want to know is was the x-ray technician a Hispanic women or an old white guy. Old white guys don’t always read x-rays correctly. Did she insist on having a female Hispanic doctor confirm the diagnosis of a small fracture? I mean some times old white guys get confused on small and large. Was the technician that put the case on her Hispanic women? I mean really, who wants some old white guy touching your ankle? Okay so that part is not so bad. Sorry. I bet the driver of the shuttle was—-an old white guy. Old White guys just can’t drive like a Hispanic woman can. The fact that this happen at LaGuardia which is named after an old white guy proves that old white guys are inferior to Hispanic women. But if I didn’t know better, I would think Ms. Sotomayor was prejudice against Old White Guys. But that is just plain silly.

Will she have the President rename the House he and the first family live to the Hispanic Woman’s House? That word white is just so reminisce of being Hispanic and having to remind everyone of it in order to struggle thru life to become a judge and a Justice on the Supreme Court. I don’t know about you, but I am glad Obama is not an old white guy. If he were, man can you imagine how screwed up our country would be right now. Thanks Barry for not being an old white guy. ¿Que tal usted?