Ray Nagin, the mayor of New Orleans, Louisiana, has been quarantined in China after possible exposure to the H1N1 virus, more commonly known as the swine flu. New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin flew to China for a trip regarding economic development.

Ray Nagin

Ray Nagin

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin has been quarantined in a hotel in Shanghai, China because of possible exposure to swine flu. Ray Nagin flew to China on a plane that carried a passenger who was being treated for possible symptoms of H1N1. All passengers of that plane have been quarantined as a precaution.

According to Mr. Nagin’s spokesperson, Nagin is being treated well by Chinese authorities and is cooperating fully with the health procedures. Neither Nagin nor any members of his staff have shown any symptoms of H1N1. There is currently no indication how long the quarantine will be.

Nagin gained international fame during the Hurricane Katrina disaster. As the Mayor of New Orleans, he publicly criticized state and federal authorities for being slow to respond to the disaster that was devastating New Orleans. An estimated 2000 New Orleans citizens died as a result of Hurricane Katrina.

The swine flu has infected approximately 60,000 people worldwide. News attention regarding swine flu has diminished in recent weeks as public officials have declared it to be not as deadly as initially feared. 125 confirmed deaths have occurred because of swine flu. In comparison, the more common seasonal flu kills tens of thousands per year.