Last year at the height of the fight for the Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton ran an ad asking, ‘Who do you want answering the phone at 3 a.m.?’

Hillary scratches 1

President Hillary Clinton

Now Secretary of State Clinton has taken it back. She now says that President Obama is capable of handling that call. At the time of the ad, Clinton was also saying that Obama was naive and untested. (Who knew she could tell the truth.) But now being in the cabinet, she says he has “absolutely” answered the question with a ‘Yes he can’ attitude. It would be dumb of her to say otherwise since she is a part of this mess. Clinton said, “I think he is doing a terrific job. And it’s an honor to serve with him.”

If that statement doesn’t make you barf, here are some that will. I have to hand it to the Clintons, they are good liars. They are professionals at it.

She said “The president in his public actions and demeanor, and certainly in private with me and with the national security team, has been strong, thoughtful, and decisive.” Okay. So blaming America is strong, thoughtful, and decisive.

“I never had any dream, let alone inkling that I would end up in President Obama’s Cabinet,” she said. Please. Don’t insult me. “I thought, you know, this is the kind of silly stuff that ends up in the press.” She was talking about the talk after she ended her campaign that Obama would pick her to join the cabinet. She just thought it was silly? I doubt she thinks much of anything is silly.
During meetings to discuss her potential role she initially resisted, but her desire to be in the limelight and back in the White House changed her mind. She said she gave him a bunch of names of other people she thought would be great for job. Does anyone really believe this? Right and she and Bill are happily married. Please I need an extra large barf bag.

“I thought, you know, we are in just so many deep holes that everybody had better grab a shovel and start digging out,” Clinton said. So of course she said yes. What would we have expected from her? But I thought when you find yourself in a hold, you stop digging. She and Obama think you keep digging. I am so confused. Which is it?

It looks like to me that she and Obama are continuing the Bush Foreign Policy. The only thing that has changed are the players and they have added the ‘America is the Reason the World is in a Mess’ banner that this Administration is carrying to the world.

What I can’t figure out is at the end of a (God help us) Obama second term, she would be like 87 and way too old to run for President. But if in 2012 America has awoken from the Obama nightmare and wants “Hope and Change” again, (BARF) she can’t run against her boss because for 4 years she has carried his water.
So I ask the question, what is the deal with Hillary? Give me your thoughts.