Today’s Rasmussen poll shows that an Obama approval rating of 0. Zero. Read about it below and see the graph.

obama approval rating june 5 2009

Obama Approval Rating 0

The Rasmussen poll is a daily Presidential Tracking Poll that, well, tracks the President’s approval rating. It measures all sorts of factors and data every day to come up with a measurable index of how Americans feel about how the government is functioning on any given day. Rasmussen is considered one of the most accurate polls among the many that do this.

The Rasmussen presentational poll index for June 5, 2009 measures the Obama approval rating at 0. That’s Zero with a Z.

Oddly, this isn’t all over the news in the main stream media. But then that’s why we have blogs. People might not hear us over the airwaves in the background every day, but we do get news out that the main stream media won’t report.

It seems that as part of Rasmussen’s report, 34% strongly disapprove of the President’s performance. Another 34% strongly approve of his performance. You touch the number 2 pencil to the tip of your tongue and do some figuring. Subtract 34 from 34 and it comes out to zero. Okay, its a little more complicated than that. You can get the finer details at the Rasmussen website.

Other notable polling data of interest … only 26% of Americans approve of the GM bailout and about the same number support a boycott of GM products. Only 21% of Americans think that there’s a chance for peace in the Middle East. 66% see Israel as an American ally and very few see the Arab countries of the region as allies of the United States. Only 28% of Americans expect that Obama will succeed in improving relations with the muslim world.

So, to wrap this up, today’s Rasmussen poll shows that Barack Obama’s approval rating is 0. As in ZERO. That pretty much summarizes the whole thing. Zero.