Hi all, thought I would check in from vacation and post something to cheer you up. Think of all the accomplishments Obama has had in the last six months, they are really quite astounding. The Chinese have an interesting curse that goes something like “May you live in interesting times.” Well, here is list of those accomplishments taken from Ace’s:

Unemployment rising, gas prices rising, taxes rising, MAJOR job cuts in auto related employment and all manufacturing and construction jobs, states bankrupt, banks not loaning, nukes in iran, division of Israel for the arabs, NORKS going batty, Chavez calling obambi a leftist from himself and Castro, Microsoft moving overseas, foreclosures increasing, minimum wage increasing, government ownership of some of the largest private businesses in America, climate change, staycations, funemployment, new CAFE regs, clunker collections, ACORN, card check, cap and trade, socialized healthcare, inflation, a new world currency standard, chinese hummers, italian chryslers and jeeps, tobacco and alcohol taxes increasing, the next 3 generations in debt before birth, open borders, no immigration reforms, no drill baby drill, no nuke power for US, bill of negative rights, g*ddamn amerika!

On the bright side, we only have 3.5 years left, so what’s the worse that could happen?