Let’s hope that Barack Obama’s participation in the 65th Anniversary of D-Day, by giving a speech at the American Cemetery in Normandy, helps him to understand that some servicemen and women pay the ultimate price in any war, whether it’s ‘a war of choice’ or not. Read more below, see photos and the Normandy speech video.

American Cemetary Normandy

Obama D-Day: American Cemetery Normandy

The Normandy coast is an incredibly beautiful place along the English Channel in northwestern France. The memory of what American and allied troops did during the Normandy Invasion on June 6, 1944 is alive and well in the French people who live there, in spite of the political issues and annoying differences that exist between our two countries. It is there, at the American Cemetery in Normandy, that Barack Obama will give a D-Day speech in a shallow attempt to top the iconic one given there by Ronald Reagan in 1984 entitled ‘The Boys of Point du Hoc’.

We were the liberators. It has been our role in the world for a hundred years. Twice in the 20th century, Americans spilled their blood on French soil to combat tyranny. During WW 2, Roosevelt and Churchill were historical leaders who literally saved the world for all of us today.

This visit, on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the D-Day landing, is full of symbolism for both France and the United States. Is it not ironic (if not hypocritical) that Barack Obama, who has demonstrated a significant ‘cut and run’ military philosophy in Iraq, not to mention the Global War on Terror, is the President who will remember with ‘great gratitude’ all those young Americans who stormed the bloody beaches of Normandy to help France and the world free itself from Nazi oppression?

You might remember that candidate Obama was always quick to invoke the names of the great Democratic Presidents like Roosevelt, Truman and Kennedy, but in reality, perhaps its finally time for Obama to open a history book and learn why these men were such great leaders. His immature and ever-morphing positions on Iraq, Afghanistan, Gitmo, Terrorism, Israel, despotic Dictators, etc continues to show someone who is woefully and quite pathetically practicing ‘on-the-job’ training. Frankly, the world continues to be a very dangerous place and to have a president with such weak intestinal fortitude in addition to socialistic tendancies is more then disconcerting.

In all our years as a nation, we have always embraced the fight for freedom, usually spilling blood and treasure for others in the process. The story of D-Day and the Normandy Invasion is special to us. We hold those who rest there dear; sacred. It is very clear that Barack Obama is no liberator. In fact, he projects extreme weakness in the face of profound danger. When Obama gives his ’65th Anniversary of D-Day’ Normandy Speech, I want him to look out across the channel where all our young men crossed, and then look at all of those graves at the American Cemetery and forever recognize the high cost of freedom and the amazing benefits of democracy.

The full text of Obama’s D-Day Normandy Speech is posted here. The full video of Obama’s D-Day Normandy Speech is below.

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Obama D-Day: Obama Normandy Speech Photos 1

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Obama D-Day: Obama Normandy Speech Hypocrisy Video Pt 1

Obama D-Day: Obama Normandy Speech Hypocrisy Video Pt 2