Anyone who doesn’t think border security is a joke isn’t paying attention. And anyone who thinks President Bush was serious about stopping lawlessness along the US-Mexico border when he authorized deploying the National Guard down there should read this:

Four Tennessee National Guardsmen who were confronted by a group of six to eight armed men during an Arizona-Mexico border patrol earlier this month will be honored for their conduct, a Guard spokesman said.

When approached by an unidentified group of men wearing ballistic vests and carrying automatic weapons, the four withdrew, keeping their guns in a “ready low? position — a reaction praised by state National Guard officials …

One of the unidentified armed men approached the Tennessee troops within 20 yards of the post. Neither group pointed weapons at the other, and no shots were fired. The guardsmen slowly retreated to their vehicle, which was about 200 yards away, and drove away … They contacted the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Office, which sent an airplane over the site and a five-member ground unit, according to the summary. The unknown men were tracked back into Mexico …”

Now, I don’t criticize soldiers for following legal orders no matter how stupid those orders are. I do question awarding them medals for it.

You can read the entire account of this national disgrace at Army Times online.