The President gave another fine speech Wednesday in Cairo, Egypt. A fine speech if you are of the mindset that we can talk our sworn enemy into not killing us. Everyone agrees that we need peace in the Middle East and with the extremist Muslims. Peace is a two way street but some Muslims only want it one way. Theirs with no compromises

Saudi Women Burqa 112

Muslim Women with no rights at all.

This President told the crowd that the U. S. ‘is not at war with Islam.’ President Bush said that countless times. But we are at war with extremist Muslims that want to kill and destroy us. This President is naïve in thinking that somehow this or any speech will matter and make a difference in this war. We are at war against terror, not a group of people. All he has done is empowered our enemy.

They are empowered because they see Obama as a weak kneed appeaser who is willing to say whatever is needed to get them to play nice and make peace. He is using the mentality of a Community Organizer in his fight on terror. He hopes to find common ground with the enemy. Mr. Obama talks tough but he has no results. In order to have results you have to have a plan and then action. All he does is make speeches. In the mind of a liberal, intentions count the same as action and results.

We are not the ones that declared war. We have not called for a jihad. Yes, we want peace but not what Islam considers peace. They want us to be a Muslim nation or die. Are the women here ready to shut up and cover up? Are the gays willing to die at the end of a rope? Are the men here ready to have to grow a beard and pray 4 times a day facing east? Are we all ready to go back to the Stone Age? Are we willing to give up all of freedoms for peace? Are we all willing to become Muslims? Are you atheist willing to do that or die?

We are hated not because of George W. Bush, but because we have a free and open culture. And that frightens the hell out of Muslims. Being the melting pot, we have always embraced religious diversity. That is the reason many Muslims want to come here and practice their religion without the hate and politics of the extremist. There are more Muslims in America that want peace and security in the Middle East and in America then there are that don’t.

While the effort is a grand one, the reality is there will always be turmoil somewhere in the world because there will always be some group that wants their way and are willing to fight to the death for it.

I would like to hear a speech by this President praising America and our accomplishments throughout the world. Reminding the world that we have helped people gain the freedoms we take for granted in America everyday. I am not ashamed of the freedoms we have in this country. They did not happen by mistake. They happened because we fought for freedom. But that speech would not serve Mr. Obama’s victim agenda for the rest of the world.