When Obama arrived in Saudi Arabia, Saudi King Abdullah gave Obama a gold necklace. The Obama necklace isn’t just any gold necklace, its the country’s highest honor, the King Abdul Aziz Order of Merit. Read about it and see a photo and video of the ceremony of Obama receiving the necklace.

obama necklace

Obama Necklace

Barack Obama and the king of Saudi Arabia seem to have hit it off quite nicely. You might remember when Obama first met King Abdullah, he bowed to him, much to the chagrin of the American people. Americans don’t bow to royalty after all. Our forefathers fought a rather bloody war back in the 1700s so that we wouldn’t have to bow to royalty and many of us kind of like that they did that for us.

We cut Obama a certain amount of slack on some of these numerous gaffes he makes, seeing as how he was raised in Indonesia and therefore wasn’t educated in American schools during his younger years. He might not have a real strong grasp of American history and customs, ya know. I mean, he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who cruised Burger King or went to his high school football games on Friday nights. His seems to have a rather limited ‘American experience’.

Saudi King Abdullah gave Obama a royal welcome, complete with sharing a special blend of Arabic tea and taking Obama to his horse ranch, saluted by guards on horseback holding swords and flags representing the two countries. It was a welcome fit for a king.

Then Abdullah brought out the gold necklace and presented it to Obama. When Obama saw the King Abdul Aziz Order of Merit, he said something to the effect of, ‘Golly gee, that’s something’. Then he bent to allow the king to put it around his neck. Apparently, Obama was somewhat aware of the inevitable Mr. T jokes that would be forthcoming or it was tiring his pencil thin neck and after a few minutes took the necklace off ‘for safekeeping’. Wise move that. The bling was blinding.

Obama continued to ooh and ahh over the magnificence of the king’s grand country manor. Both men heaped praise on one another and it was all and all pretty nauseating.

There are rumors that Obama could cure all of the financial woes of the United States by pawning that ostentatious necklace. Of course, that’s just a rumor. The Saudis surely wouldn’t understand or appreciate him putting the necklace up for sale to pay off some of Americas debt.

Whether he sales it or stores it, I just hope we don’t see him wearing it the next time he takes Michelle out for a quarter of a million dollar date.

You can see Saudi King Abdullah give Obama the gold necklace in the video below.

Obama Gold Necklace – Video