The 40th President of the United States was honored today in the Rotunda of the Capital Building, when a 7 foot bronze statue of Ronald Wilson Reagan was unveiled. This is one of the most meaningful statues of Ronald Reagan to date, and if there is justice in the world, it won’t be the last.

Official Portrait of President Reagan 1981

President Ronald Reagan

A myriad of current and former politicians and even former members of Ronald Reagan’s administration were on hand in Washington for the unveiling of the bronze statue; which fittingly contained pieces of the Berlin wall where Reagan made his famous “tear down this wall” speech.

Former First Lady, Nancy Reagan, now 87 years old, was on hand to help with the unveiling. Mrs. Reagan helped pull the blue curtain away to reveal the 7 foot bronze statue which was made by North Carolina artist Chas Fagan.

Nancy Reagan, who was the light of the former President’s life, spoke about being in the Capital for the first time since the funeral of the former President back in 2004. She said it was nice to be there under happier circumstances.

Many guests remarked about different aspects of the Reagan Presidency, some talked about his charisma, some his charm, others spoke of his strength. It was by bi-partisan agreement that the statue would be placed in the Capital’s Rotunda; which is the symbolic center of American government.

Former Secretary James Baker III remarked looking at the Ronald Reagan Statue:

“It will stand forever as a silent sentry in these hallowed halls, to teach our children and our grandchildren about that which once was and to inspire them with visions of that which can be again — today, tomorrow and unto the generations,” Baker said.

This past Tuesday Barack Obama created the Ronald Reagan Centennial Commission, which is to plan and carry out events in 2011 marking the 100th anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s birth.

Tear down this wall

Reagan Statue Dedication Video